Mariana Bozesan

Dr. Mariana Bozesan

Founder & Board Member, AQAL AG

and Club of Rome, International Full Member

Twitter: @AQAL_Group

Dr. Bozesan is an integral impact investor, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, and researcher. Based on Ken Wilber’s integral theory, she developed the Theta model, a de-risking framework to implement the parity between people, planet, and profit in early stage investing through the integration of financial, ecological, and social sustainability with cultural, behavioral, and human consciousness factors.
She is a full international member in the Club of Rome and serves as a strategic advisor on integral finance and sustainability to various funds, businesses, and nongovernmental organizations. She is co-founder and president at AQAL Capital and the AQAL Foundation, as well as co-founder of AQAL Group, a Munich-based investment conglomerate. Educated at Stanford University and KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), Dr. Bozesan holds a M.S. degree in Artificial Intelligence from KIT and a Ph.D. in psychology.

Dr. Bozesan´s Moonshot is the Investment Turnaround that implements the next paradigm in investing. The paradigm rooted in the essence of all existence, the interior such as culture, values, and morals as well as exterior reality, the material world. It is a reality in which high financial returns are inseparable from a high environmental, social, cultural, and an ethical impact, as well as individual self-actualization, joy, and happiness (