Alex Rios

Co-Founder and CEO, Happyforce

Entrepreneur and expert in app development and mobile marketing, Alex has a solid role in Spain’s tech scenario. He has successfully founded and managed  several corporate projects that led him to win the Best Place to Work award during three consecutive years, thanks to his innovative ideas in HR and people management.

Motivated by these initiatives and his deep understanding of app technology, Alex came up with the idea of creating Happyforce, a startup company that he currently manages together with two co-founders, which won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from FIB Alumni (Associació d’Antics Alumnes de la Facultat d’Informàtica de Barcelona) in 2016.  

Apart from his work in Happyforce, Alex is also an associate teacher at ESIC and The Valley Business School, and he is a digital business, mobile marketing and innovation counselor for several organizations.