Alexandra Mitjans

Co-Director, Ashoka Spain

Alexandra is Co-Director of Ashoka Spain and part of the global alliance leadership team of Ashoka. She leads the strategy to create a network of business and private collaborators who are protagonists of the change through alliances with Ashoka.

Alexandra has a degree in Business and Administration from ESADE and from the Singapore Management University. She has developed her professional career between the private sector and the third sector. She started working at the Spanish Embassy in Delhi, India, and later moved to Bangkok, Thailand, as head of the Coca-Cola brand in several Southeast Asian countries. After three years, she moved to Madrid as head of the Aquarius brand for Spain and Portugal. A year later, she made a leap to the third sector, co-leading the launch of The Wellbeing Project, an initiative of Ashoka, a social enterprise that seeks to support the personal well-being of social leaders in the world.

Alexandra is passionate about squeezing life by getting out of her comfort zone. She considers that in life, dreaming is a must. Her philosophy: maintain a connection body – mind – spirit. Her mission: to give back to people everything life has given her.