Andreas Seitz

Founder & Managing Director, Be in touch – People make Culture GmbH

My purpose with this event and beyond:
To use the power of free enterprise and create a better world for all.

My functional area within the CCEC2019 organizing team:
Marketing to spread the word throughout Europe

My goals in supporting this event:

  • Productive discussions about the purpose of companies
  • Raising public awareness of the importance of free trade
  • Expanding the Conscious Capitalism community
  • Encouraging people to think differently about companies
  • Putting people at the centre, not profit

Fun Fact:
Sound experience as a street musician in Paris

Discovery of Conscious Capitalism:
Through my colleague Jana Brüchmann, who connected me to Meike Nittel. Meike invited me to the European Conference in Barcelona.

The most exciting moment with Conscious Capitalism was to feel the passion of the speakers and participants at the European Conference 2018 in Barcelona.

Well-deserved rest on the descent from Mont Canigou, Catalan Pyrenees.