Andreas Trittel - Mai 2019 v1

Dr. Andreas Trittel

Programme Director, Deutsche Bank AG

My purpose with this event and beyond:
To support the proliferation of best practice in modern and responsible companies and management with appreciation for their stakeholders and the common good.

My functional area within the CCEC2019 organizing team:
Business Development to ensure a good attendance of companies and individuals eager to learn about CC or exchange experience and expectations.

My goals in supporting this event:

  • Learn more about success factors for CC
  • Engage with more impactful enterprises and organisations
  • Establish and deepen relationships with more like-minded people
  • Pass on the torch from Barcelona to another city in Europe
  • Help creating a better, sustainable world

Fun Fact:
I like bringing together different cultures (e.g. Latinos, Germans, Anglo-Saxons), concepts (social market economy, employee participation, anthroposophy) and contacts (family, friends, professionals).

Discovery of Conscious Capitalism:
My brother and sister-in-law, Frank and Sabine, had enthusiastically reported from Capitalismo Consciente in Spain.

The most exciting moment with Conscious Capitalism:
I was thrilled by contributions of successful CC practitioners and advisors at the impressive European Conference 2018 in Barcelona.

Ready to rock.