Barbara CCEC2019

Barbara Hoppe

Journalist & Publisher of Online Magazine

My purpose with this event and beyond:
My background is Culture and Entrepreneurship, and I know: If business is only business it’s no good business.

My functional area within the CCEC2019 organizing team:
Contact person for guests and team, so that everything runs smoothly and everyone feels comfortable.

My goals in supporting this event:

  • Spreading the idea of Conscious Capitalism
  • Connecting people
  • Learning more about Conscious Capitalism
  • Inspire people and be inspired myself

Fun Fact:
People all over the world ask me the way, even if I am only a tourist myself: In Bangkok, Tokyo, Rome… And often I can help because I am a kind of city map nerd.

Discovery of Conscious Capitalism:
I have known Meike Nittel for several years as we are both involved in the topic entrepreneurship. She brought me closer to Conscious Capitalism and its community.

The most exciting moment with Conscious Capitalism: 
To get to know so many committed and outstanding people and entrepreneurs who really want to make a difference and change the world.

At re:publica 2019 in Berlin