Bob Anderson

Founder, Chairman and Chief Development Officer, The Leadership Circle and Full Circle Group

Bob Anderson’s story as an innovator and visionary in leadership began in high school and college where he staffed intensive personal and leadership development retreats. In business school, his love for statistics and economics helped to culture a unique talent. He became skillful at taking complex ideas and integrating them into models and methods for leadership development that are powerful, tangible, and accessible. While working as a manager in manufacturing, Bob completed a Master’s degree in Organizational Development.

Early in his career, he was fortunate to have had Peter Block as his mentor. He has also worked closely with some of the industry’s most respected names including Peter Senge, Robert Fritz, and Ken Wilber. Bob and David Whyte co-taught leadership workshops created by Bob For the last 20 years, Bob has created and conducted intensive leadership development workshops. His most current breakthrough programs include Authentic Leader workshop, “Pathways to Partnership,” and “Mastering Leadership”.

Bob’s clients rank among the nation’s top companies. To better serve his clients, Bob searched for an assessment tool that matched the frameworks he had been developing for nearly 30 years. He found himself using multiple surveys because no single tool did enough to reveal both behavioral competencies and the underlying motivational system that establishes the pattern of strengths and weaknesses. He decided to create a tool that did it all. With the Leadership Circle Profile, he succeeded. According to Bob, “Much of leadership development has been too superficial. Most organizational change efforts fail, not because they are ill conceived, but because at the center of those efforts is an implicit and unrecognized requirement that people behave in ways associated with higher levels of consciousness. This is a much bigger demand than we ever understood.” “The kind of cultural change we have been striving for requires far more than mere skill development from our leaders. It requires that they grow—that they significantly upgrade their inner ‘operating system’ to be able to embody the kind of leadership that can create the envisioned culture.” Bob explains, “We now recognize that leadership is a process of transformation whereby a leader is encouraged to make a profound shift—to gain a deeper under-standing of themselves, the world, and their relationship to others. This deeper, longer term work is what our Leadership Circle Profile brings to the table, what The Leadership Circle stands for, and this is the kind of work we invite organizations to experience.”

Bob´s keynote will focus on: 

• Conscious business does not happen without conscious leadership.

• The organization will not perform at a higher level than the consciousness of its leadership.

• Effective leadership is conscious competence. Consciousness and competence emerge together.

• Conscious leadership is built for scale.

• Complexity is an evolutionary. It is outpacing development, putting us all in a development gap.

• Conscious leadership evolves, if it evolves, through a series of measurable stages or structures: Reactive, Creative and Integral.

• Conscious business requires leadership that is Creative or Integral.

• Conscious Leadership is a heroic journey.

• There are two primary practices that evolve conscious leadership:

     o Discern purpose and distill vision.

     o Know your doubts and fears.

• There is no shortcut to greatness.