Franz Heukamp

Dean at IESE Business School

Franz Heukamp is the Dean, Antonio Valero Chair of Business Administration, and
Professor of Decision Analysis at IESE Business School. He became Dean of IESE in
September 2016, having been Associate Dean for MBA Programs. Professor Heukamp joined IESE faculty in 2002 and was Secretary General between 2009 and 2012.

As Associate Dean for MBA programs, Dean Heukamp supervised the launch of the
Executive MBA in Sao Paulo and the Americas Track of the Global Executive MBA. He also oversaw curricular improvements and the growth in student numbers and the global scope of the full-time MBA program. Professor Heukamp is a highly experienced and renowned teacher, both within the MBA and IESE Executive Education programs.

A scholar of behavioral decision making and neuroeconomics, Professor Heukamp received his PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He holds engineering degrees from the Technische Universität München and the École des Ponts et Chaussées.

Professor Heukamp’s teaching specialties are decision analysis and forecasting
methods, a field that he describes as combining analytical aspects with more “human and personal” elements.

Focus Areas
Dean Heukamp has identified a number of key issues to address relating to the ongoing development of the school:

Deep impact in society
“My wish is that IESE continues with its mission of service to society in general and to the business world in particular, through innovative and creative academic activity that addresses the new challenges of our time.”

Internationalization of IESE activities
“In the future we will deepen our presence in North America, Latam and Central
Europe. We will also have to think about the relevance that Asia is going to have, and the activity we want to develop in that region”.

Meeting the challenges of lifelong learning
“With globalization, digitization and the lengthening of the working careers, we have begun to talk more and more about lifelong learning. IESE has a duty to continuously ensure that our programs meet the needs of business managers right across their lives.”

The impact of digitization on learning and development 

“IESE has the responsibility of equipping the next generation of leaders with the
knowledge and capabilities they will need to confront tomorrow’s challenges. We
believe that the best learning methodology is personal interaction and discussion in
class but we have also witnessed the benefits of blended and new learning
technologies. Combining both worlds, we will continue developing cutting-edge methodologies that allow us offer the best solution for each educational need.”