The Host Companies

The European Conscious Capitalism community is featuring leaders and organizations from around the world to share their lessons learned on how they implemented conscious practices into their businesses and daily lives.

Conscious Capitalism Host Companies are organizations that support the conference by inviting their stakeholders (for example, employees, vendors, investors, business friends, community members, etc.) to Berlin. This way, they inspire their own eco-system to join their Conscious Business journey.

In case you and your stakeholders have already taken first successful steps on this path and you feel proud about how you collaborate with each other, you have the opportunity to share your story visually with the wider community via our Host Company gallery at the conference. For more information, please get in touch with us:

We are looking forward to learn from your unique stakeholder and engagement strategies and how you create value for all.

Below you can find all Host Companies of the European Conference 2019.
The list keeps growing, so please revisit this page.