Martina Beck

Managing Director MaibornWolff


For the last ten years in a row, MabornWolff has been honored with the Award “Best Employers in Germany”. They also won the Best IT Employer award in 2013 — the very first year the award was presented. From 2014 onwards, MaibornWolff were declared the Best Employer in IT in the category for companies with 101 to 500 employees. 

The excellent atmosphere they created in their organisation leeds to satisfaction, motivation and greater loyalty among the employees. They are more effective at achieving goals, their business is more successful, and they enjoy working together … 

Martina says: “What makes us different is, that we put our people first. With human-centered methods we trigger intrinsic motivation within teams. It’s part of our culture to think out of the box, and we do love changing our perspective on things. Working with us and applying our methods, people regularly show their surprise when they dicsover what they are able to achieve.”

Martina was part of the success journey from 50 to 500 people constantly evolving their very unique people centered culture.