Miguel García

Deputy Director of Communication and Responsible Company, DKV

Miguel García, PDD IESE, is in charge of the strategy and management of the company’s intangible assets: brand, culture, values, etc. Miguel is responsible for the strategy and management of corporate responsibility and reputation.

Curiosity killed the cat … but it kept me alive.

I studied journalism and for 12 years wrote stories for La Voz de Galicia, El Correo Gallego and the Galician Television, until I exhausted my curiosity for journalism.

So I decided to leave the newsroom and looked for news in the real world. I felt the need to learn more about companies, communication, brands, identity and values, in order to seek change and innovation.

I met other people like me who were also looking for change in business; people like me that wanted to improve the relationship between our society and the environment.

I want to contribute to making companies open and transparent.

I’m still interested in what is happening in the news. That’s why I still read the newspaper, do Internet searches, chat on social networks and long for the next change for good.”

Active daily on Twitter: @miguelamigueiro 

Specialties: Marketing, communication, branding, dialogue with stakeholders, public relations, sponsorship, storytelling and writing.