Nicolas Stahlhofer

Senior Consultant – Strategy Transformation, NTT DATA Deutschland GmbH

My purpose with this event and beyond:
Empower individuals to create a conscious collective globally.

My functional area within the CCEC2019 organizing team:
Bring like-minded businesses, co-creators and speakers together.

My goals in supporting this event:

  • Unleash the creative potential of like-minded people who want to invest their energy in projects that matter
  • Build a network of conscious people who support each other
  • Connect purpose-driven businesses to strengthen win-win ecosystems

Fun Fact:
I performed within the Guinness World Records show.

Discovery of Conscious Capitalism:
In search of a master study topic that reflects my passion and beliefs, I discovered the book

Conscious Capitalism as an initial inspiration.

The most exciting moment with Conscious Capitalism:
Meeting the forerunners of Conscious Capitalism as well as dozens of like-minded enthusiasts at the conference in Barcelona last year.