Regina Brand

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Conscious Leadership Academy

My purpose with this event and beyond:
To help re-humanize the business world by transforming human consciousness

My functional area within the CCEC2019 organizing team:
Business Development, inviting organizations to the conference and developing a strong Conscious Capitalism community in Germany and Europe

My goals in supporting this event:

  • Increasing the awareness of Conscious Capitalism in Europe
  • Facilitating a creative and vibrant network of Conscious Capitalists to foster exchange and community building
  • Learning from each other and developing best practices, especially about Conscious Leadership and Conscious Culture
  • Enjoying not only the conference but the journey of getting there

Fun Fact:
As a teenager I taught Latin American dances to improve my pocket money.

Discovery of Conscious Capitalism:
Via an internet research on the topics ‘Conscious Leadership’ and ‘Conscious Culture’

The most exciting moment with Conscious Capitalism:
To meet at last years conference in Barcelona so many like-minded people, who are required to make change happen

Having a break below the Basilica Sacré-Cœur in Paris during a sightseeing tour