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The European Conference is the premiere event of the European Conscious Capitalism community, featuring leaders from around the world coming together to share lessons on how to implement conscious practices in our business and our daily lives. 

Our Conference Sponsors are the leaders of this community, conscious companies and individuals and who know the world will be a better place when our ideas are more widely practiced.

By sponsoring the Conference you help cover the cost of the event so that the proceeds from registration are funneled back into programs to spread the practice of Conscious Capitalism and further grow our community.

Sponsorship comes with great marketing and PR benefits

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  • Conscious Capitalism include over 6,660 LinkedIn group members, a growing list of 17,000 mailing list subscribers, 38 Conscious Capitalism Chapters with 14 Chapters in development.
  • Media channels provided by participating companies and supporting organizations including the International Leadership Association (300 contacts), B Corp (1,500 contacts) and IESE Alumni (41,000 contacts)