Tom Henry

Director Learning and Development,
Whole Foods Market


For 30+ years Tom has been working in the retail industry gaining proficiency in Operations, Management, Customer Experience, Product Supply, Talent Development and Change Management.  His career spans 4 decades in Department Stores and Grocery.

Working in Leadership and Executive Development, he has lead teams and organizations through mergers, acquisition, bankruptcies, natural disasters, economic collapses and recovery. 

Achieving All Star status in two Fortune 100 companies, Tom continues to champion for Conscious Capitalism and Talent Development. As Diversity and Inclusion champion he attended both historically black and white universities in the US South.  He serves internally as a D&I Consultant and Business Leader.  Additionally, he advocates for minority groups and family recovery organizations in his local and global communities.

His academic background includes Liberal Arts and Organization Development degrees with a focus on Education.

A certified Barrett CTT tools Consultant and Values Based Leadership Coach, he is currently exploring and studying integral development and recovery supporting his ongoing goal towards servant leadership in our interdependent global community.

Currently Tom is Learning and Development Coordinator at Whole Foods Market. There he designs, develops, and implements Conscious Leadership and Talent Development Programs based on the 4 Tenets of Conscious Capitalism and Values Based Leadership. 

Tom will talk about :
Conscious Leadership Development –  The Path from “I” to “We”; beyond the Hero’s journey

We are all born in to this world as conscious sentient beings. By the age two we begin to see ourselves as separate individuals struggling for survival. That is when our Leadership journey begins. We become leaders of ourselves and search for that authentic; whole person that can attain its highest potential.

If we are mindful and disciplined, we eventually feel a calling to be and do more. This is often called “The Hero’s Journey” – Joseph Campbell. That is when we discover our higher purpose and face the challenges of becoming a fully realized being.

Through trials and tribulations, we begin to see the need to transform our limited “I” centered perspective to a more wholistic “We”.

We attain this state when we operate from an authentic “full spectrum” consciousness that balances basic and growth needs while fulfilling our higher purpose. To sustain, we must transform from a survival-centered perspective to a more integrated collective growth consciousness.

The energy released through this transformation affects the entire system and opens the possibility for a fully realized organization.

How we do this is uniquely different from person to person and organization to organization. Our best hope for cultural change is through individual transformation. When we change, the entire world changes. So, what is stopping us?