What You Can Expect

Get inspired 

by this holistic business philosophy.

Learn best practices 

and network with practitioners to discover the power of doing business in a more conscious way. Listen to leaders, who already travel successfully on this path.

Set your course for impact 

and share game-changing ideas with many like-minded leaders to make a difference in your organization and beyond. Experience conscious tools and methods using mental, emotional and social intelligence.

Every avalanche starts with one snowflake!

You could be that transformation catalyst in your organization and create a future that will help evolve our world so that people can flourish and thrive, leading lives infused with passion, purpose, love, creativity, prosperity and compassion. 

This sounds too good to be true?
Find out for yourself and experience applied Conscious Capitalism at the European Conference in Berlin.

And please stay tuned, while we add additional speakers on the list and finalize the conference agenda as well as the additional pre- and post-conference program! 

You may extend your conference experience to explore Berlin, stay at the wonderful NHOW Hotel and join us already on Sunday for a networking evening. For all those, who would like to dive deeper, we will also offer an additional program, which will be facilitated on the day before and after the conference. For more details please visit our program.